Each year, the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration recognizes individuals for outstanding achievement in the practice or study of public administration.

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THE JULIAN F. HIRST AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE is awarded to a Hampton Roads public administrator who is 40 years old or older and best exemplifies the criteria set forth for distinguished service in public administration. The award is named after Julian F. Hirst, who served as City Manager of Norfolk from 1975 until retirement in 1985. He also served as city manager for Martinsville and Roanoke and as Town Manager for Pearisburg and Pulaski. His role as Executive Director of the Virginia Municipal League further enriched his public administration career.

THE GEORGE ROBERT HOUSE, JR. AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SERVICE will be awarded to a Hampton Roads public administrator who is less than 40 years of age and has demonstrated the key characteristics outlined in the award criteria. The award is named after George Robert House, Jr. who served as City Manager of Bedford, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk and Portsmouth in addition to two managerial posts in North Carolina. He was tragically killed in an airplane crash in 1982. The recipients of the Hirst and House awards must meet the following criteria:

  • Nomination form with instructions.
  • Record of outstanding performance in public service.
  • Unusual leadership, creativity, integrity, and response to challenge.
  • Dedication to democratic ideals.
  • Sensitivity to the need to adapt government to changing problems.
  • Commitment to professionalism and development of useful skills.

THE DR. WOLFGANG PINDUR AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE IN ACADEMIA AND PRACTICE is awarded to a Hampton Roads academic, recognizing outstanding service in the area of public administration education. The award honors Dr. Wolfgang Pindur, an academic whose lifelong efforts sought to bridge the worlds of the academic and the practitioner, seeking to continuously increase the effectiveness and efficiency of public services. The recipients of this award must meet the following criteria:

  • Nomination form with instructions
  • Record of outstanding performance in public service research or education.
  • Commitment to linking the academic world to the world of practitioners.
  • Dedication to democratic ideals.
  • Dedication to conducting research that will directly benefit the public.

THE JOHN DUNNING AWARD FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO THE HAMPTON ROADS CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION recognizes long-term, distinguished service to the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration, or on behalf of the chapter. John Dunning, PhD, served public administration in many ways, over many years. He served as a career officer in the United States Air Force, specializing in personnel management, training, and readiness planning. Since transitioning from the Air Force, he has served as a professor for Troy University and the University of Virginia, and as a private sector consultant. Over several decades, Dr. Dunning played a critical role in serving the Hampton Roads Chapter. He often served in elected or appointed office, frequently volunteering to assume any leadership or administrative roles necessary for the Chapter’s success. His long-term passion for public administration, combined with his collegial nature and his extensive professional and academic service provided needed support and continuity of leadership for the Chapter over many years. He leaves a legacy of Chapter service to which all might aspire. Any member of the Chapter may nominate a current or past member of the Hampton Roads Chapter for this award. The criteria are:

  • Long-term service to the Chapter or on behalf of the Chapter (5 years or more – the service need not be contiguous).
  • The service may include elected or appointed office but may assume other forms.
  • The nomination must be co-signed by two members of the Chapter, other than the individual making the nomination (i.e., minimum of three sponsors). One of the three sponsors must be the Chapter President or a Chapter Past-President.
  • The nomination must include a description of the service being recognized, supported by narrative of how that service met the greater good of the Hampton Roads Chapter.

THE DR. CHRISTINE MANN DARDEN OUTSTANDING PUBLIC EMPLOYEE IN HAMPTON ROADS is awarded to a minority Hampton Roads public sector employee. The award honors Dr. Christine Mann Darden. Dr. Darden is internationally known for her research into supersonic aircraft noise, especially sonic boom reduction, and recognized for her groundbreaking achievement as the first African American woman at NASA Langley to be appointed to the top management rank of Senior Executive Service. She is equally known for her efforts to inspire and educate generations of aerospace scientists and engineers. Too often, the effort of front-line employees goes unnoticed, and therefore unheralded. This award is to highlight those who have continuing excellence in the performance of their duties, a demonstrated record of dedicated efforts to their work, and maintained quality services to the community. The recipients for this award must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a public sector employee representing a minority group as defined by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines
  • Demonstrated record of continuing excellence in performance of their duties
  • Demonstrated record of dedicated efforts to their work
  • Demonstrated record of maintained quality services to the community